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Tame the Other Team with a Lion Float

Posted by paradefloats on July 16, 2007

Lion FloatIf you’re playing the lions at the big game, this float design is a great way to boost team morale and school spirit!

We built this float on an 8’ x 16’ farm wagon with the back removed. A similar size trailer might be borrowed or rented from a local construction company or hardware store. The float could also be built on the back of a flat bed truck. Be sure to adjust the measurements and quantities of materials depending on your base dimensions.

Start by building a light wood frame from 140’ of #2 1 x 3 pine to surround the wagon. The frame extends from the top of the wagon bed to 15” from the ground. You can find wood for the frame at your local lumberyard.

Staple waterproof, flameproof floral sheeting to the frame. A float this size requires 16 yards of red vinyl floral sheeting. The floor requires another 15 yards. To calculate how much floral sheeting you need for your float, measure the distance around in feet and divide by three to get the yardage. Floral sheeting is sold in square yards. Add 14” high metallic gold fringe to the bottom where the floral sheeting stops to achieve the classic “floating” look. Fringe is sold in 10’ packages. This float requires five 10’ packages of metallic gold fringe.

Outline the sides of the float with metallic gold festooning. Festooning is available in 48’ rolls. This size float requires three rolls. Floral sheeting, festooning and fringe are made from the same waterproof, fade-proof and flameproof plastic and are reusable for later floats.

Add your float slogan with Styrofoam letters or numbers, each measuring 8” high. You can paint them with interior latex paint or leave them white. Add and additional board under your floral sheeting and nail the letters to it or simply hot glue the letters to the floral sheeting.

Create the 8’ high x 6’ wide x 1’ thick lion from 120’ of #2 1×3 pine, 70’ of 18” chicken wire and tissue pomps. Build a frame out of the lumber and cover it with the chicken wire, which you can find at most farm supply or hardware stores. Staple the chicken wire to the wood frame.

Comic Lion MascotStuff tissue pomps into the openings and hold them there with pomps paste, so they don’t blow away. The lion requires approximately 25 packages of gold tissue pomps, 12 packages of brown tissue pomps, six packages of black pomps and four packages of red pomps. You’ll need four one pint cans of pomps paste. These materials are based on a two-sided lion.

Construct the lion’s cage by nailing 2×4’s onto the top of the wagon or another base. Drill equally spaced holes along the 2×4’s to hold cardboard tubes. Another set of 2×4’s goes on top of the tubes. Decorate the 2×4’s with floral sheeting. You’ll need 10 yards of red vinyl floral sheeting, cut into 12” high strips. Accent the cage with school spirit pennants.

The “conversation balloon” with the “MEOW” is cut from ½” plywood, painted white and blue and attached to the lion before pomps are put in place.

Add a fun touch to your parade float by having a comic lion mascot or your school mascot ride on the float waving a mascot flag or holding a personalized banner!


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