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Two Thumbs Up for this Hollywood Float!

Posted by paradefloats on July 23, 2007

Hollywood Float KitA Hollywood theme float theme is great for around Oscar ® time, when a hit movie comes out, or if your Homecoming dance has a Hollywood theme. You can use one of our themes (substitute your mascot or the opponent where needed) or come up with your own, creative slogan!

· Now Showing: A Hornet Victory
· Give the Cardinals a Blockbuster Beating!
· Two Thumbs up for Freemont High!
· B.H.S. Bobcats are Shinings Stars
· The Premiere of a Pirate Defeat
· Reel in the Tigers
· Clap the Cougars
· Spotlight on the Bulldogs
· Now Starring … the Lions
· Roll Out the Red Carpet for the Mustangs

Coming up with a slogan and a color scheme helps narrow your focus while you design your decorations. Some great colors for a Hollywood float include black, red, gold, silver, or your school colors!

Once you have your slogan and theme picked out, you’ll want to make a sketch of your float. This will greatly cut down on confusion, mistakes and waste when you build your float. In your sketch, include the placement of your slogan, colors and designs for your decorations. For example, if you want the fringe to be green and the trim to be gold, label this on your sketch.

Next, calculate how much you will need of your building and decorating materials. Here is an approximate break-down of the materials you will need per square foot.

Per Square Foot
.83 feet of Floral Sheeting
.07 lbs. of Scatter Grass (optional)
.46 feet of Fringe
.74 feet of Festooning

Simply take these measurements and multiply them by the square footage of your trailer. (To determine the square footage, simply multiple the length by the width.) The result is how much material you will need. For example, if your trailer is 200 square feet, you will need 92 feet of fringe (.46 x 200 = 92).

Film ReelStart decorating your float by covering your trailer to create a colorful base for your decorations. Cover the deck and sides of the float completely with floral sheeting. Scatter Grass or Grass Mats can be used on the deck instead of floral sheeting. For your Hollywood float, we suggest using black vinyl floral sheeting on the deck and sides. Attach fringe to the bottom of each side of the trailer. This will cover the wheels and make the float look like it is really floating. We recommend red vinyl fringe for a Hollywood theme.

Edge the sides of your float with festooning. Attach the festooning between the floral sheeting on the deck and the floral sheeting on the sides of the trailer. This creates a color contrast and a neat boarder. You can also use the festooning between the floral sheeting on the sides and the fringe. Silver metallic or gold metallic festooning would look great on a Hollywood float.

Display your slogan or school name with Styrofoam letters and numbers. Attach the letters with hot glue to the floral sheeting or nail them to a piece of plywood attached behind the floral sheeting. Leave them white or paint them with interior latex paint.

Now that your base is created you can get to building creative decorations! Here are some ideas to get you started:

Use black floral sheeting to cover the base of your float. Then take a strip of red floral sheeting and run it down the center for a red carpet! Create a giant movie clapboard for the middle of your float. The clapboard can be a square measuring approximately 4’ high x 4’ wide. Attach the 4’ x 4’ chicken wire (available at hardware stores) to a wooden frame and stuff the wire with black tissue pomps, securing them with pomps paste. You can use silver garland around the edges of the clapboard and outline the clap part. Separate the clap from the main part of the board with white pomps and use design letters to personalize the clapboard.

You can also save the stress by ordering a clapboard and base float component.

Build a black and silver balloon arch to place over the clapboard, adding a glamorous touch to your float! Add the Hollywood Hills to your float, either on the back rack of the trailer or to the side. Cut black floral sheeting or poly vinyl to look like the hills an attach it to a large piece of plywood. Add Styrofoam letters that spell out “Hollywood.”

Pop Up StarMake a few large stars to place around the float. Black and sliver or black and red are great colors for these. You can make them out of chicken wire and tissue pomps in a similar procedure to making the clapboard. You might also be interested in pop-up stars!

Have your mascot walking down the red carpet wearing sunglasses and waving to the crowd. You might even consider having students on the float acting as photographers!

You can use some of our theme kits for easy decorations too. Try a popcorn arch, film reel float component, palm trees, or balloon pedestals!

We’d love to see your completed Hollywood float! Send us your photos!


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  1. Acting Tips

    Interesting article, Thanks for sharing.

  2. Maximus said

    I would like to see a continuation of the topic

  3. ky said

    oh my godneess thats an awesome float/…. my freshman class is making one and im vice president and we seem to not come up with ideas do you have any?

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