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Use Floral Sheeting for Floats and More

Posted by paradefloats on August 14, 2009

Floral-Sheeting-Decorating-MaterialFloral sheeting is a fantastic decorating material for parade floats. Floral sheeting is flameproof and available in a range of colors perfect for covering floats and chicken wire float structures. The floral sheeting has a nice texture and shimmer for creating a festive look on parade day.

Floral sheeting can be used for so much more!

Use floral sheeting to create walkways and background at your next school dance or event.

Floral sheeting can be used to create banners that really stand out. Cut the floral sheeting into letters or numbers and use heavy tape to attach them to the wall.

Floral sheeting is especially good for creating table decorations! Cover the table with the flame-proof vinyl floral sheeting. Choose plastic tableware in a contrasting or coordinating color. Edge the table with matching festooning. Hanging vinyl fringe from the edge of the table, securing it under the festooning. All you need is a stellar centerpiece to create a dazzling table for your school event.

Check out all of our parade float supplies and school spirit decorations for more budget-friendly decorations and other ideas.


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