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Ideas to Build Parade Floats

Preparation is Key to Building a Great Parade Float

Posted by paradefloats on May 12, 2010

As with most wildly successful events and functions, getting your parade float built and decorated for the big day will be more fun and less stressful if you start early, get organized, and do your homework.

Start with a good book.  ShindigZ Party’s own “How to Build a Float” booklet will give you the basics at an eminently affordable price.  See what the local library has to offer, too.

Once you know what’s involved and have assembled a team, be sure to register promptly.  Many parade committees nowadays must pre-approve the float concept. You also will need to know up front if there are any restrictions on the types or sizes of trailers, and requirements for safety equipment and signage. Communicate the rules to the rest of the team as early as you can to ensure these requirements are incorporated into your parade float decorations and safety contingencies.

Another secret to an enjoyable and successful float project is accountability, which should be worked out by the team before the hammers get swinging.  Have the team decide on deadlines for each phase of float building and to identify the members responsible for meeting them.  You’ll need someone in charge of each of five phases of float creation:  foundation (deck, skirting), main setting structures, props, costumes, and signage.

Schedule meetings regularly to keep tabs on progress, and catch problems early.  Particularly large teams may need to agree on a procedure for requesting extra help and other types of trouble-shooting activities between meetings.

Throughout the process, look to ShindigZ Party for parade float materials, theme decoration kits, tools and ideas.  Got a great parade float to share?  Send us a photo!


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