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Parade Float Decorations and Murphy’s Law

Posted by paradefloats on May 19, 2010

“Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong.” In no situation is the potential for a “Murphy’s Law” incident greater than with your parade float decorations! Underestimating weather and movement are why.

Here is a true Murphy’s Law story about a small business that signed up to participate in its town’s annual Popcorn Festival parade one year. The employees all took part in building the float, which consisted of a replica of an airport control tower with an airplane circling it. They built the tower mostly of plexiglass and filled it with popped corn, and used a long, slender dowel rod to attach a model airplane to the tower. It looked great in the parking lot, but when the moving float hit the first bump in the road, the popcorn in the tower settled by about one-third; and upon turning the first corner, the model airplane collided with a street sign pole and broke off.

Don’t let Murphy’s Law strike your parade float project! Think about potholes and humidity and jerking starts and rain. Keep your parade decorations (and people!) inside the confines of the float deck. Nail, staple, glue, tie or harness anything that moves but shouldn’t. Think about your materials and how they’d stand up in a bit of weather, and if you do end up using some relatively fragile materials such as crepe streamers or balloons, be sure to add them at the last possible moment.

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