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Parade Float Pomps and Paste: Assembly Options

Posted by paradefloats on June 2, 2010

Some of the features that help parade floats “float” are the rich textures and details achieved by decorating structures with parade pomps tissue squares and pomps paste.

The classic way to use pomps is to mold the tissue squares into cones and push them into adhesive-covered openings in chicken wire. Chicken wire is great because it’s so easily bendable, foldable, and moldable into almost any shape. Also it’s easy to cut, join and paint the pattern onto it, and achieving uniform coverage is automatic. Be sure to obtain the wire that has 1-inch openings for this application. Find it in hardware stores and home centers.

For covering large, flat areas, another option is to staple large non-overlapping sheets of corrugated cardboard to your base, painted to match the colors of the pomps you are using so the brown cardboard color doesn’t show through.

We don’t recommend using pieces of foam board for pomps because it’s a bother to figure out which types of paints and adhesives are compatible with this material. Foam is also significantly more expensive than the other options.

Pomps-and-paste isn’t particularly difficult once you understand the techniques for placing and spacing, but it can be very time consuming. Get as many people involved in this stage of the float decorating as you can!

We’ll discuss pomps-molding technique and calculating coverage in next week’s post. Hope you will stop back then! Meanwhile, you can check out pomps, tissue fringe and other parade float materials at ShindigZ Party.


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