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Parade Float Pomps and Paste: Techniques

Posted by paradefloats on June 9, 2010

Last week we discussed placing parade pomps tissue squares in a grid of chicken wire vs. corrugated cardboard. While working with either type of grid, the techniques for applying the pomps and the rules of thumb for coverage are basically the same.

The grid should be pre-painted to show workers which color tissue goes where, and adhesive should be applied a little at a time so it won’t dry prematurely and have to be re-applied.

To mold a tissue square for placement in the grid, place the tip of an index finger in the center of the square. Use the other hand to pull the tissue up over the index finger to form a cone. Push the cone onto the corrugated or about ¼ of the way into the chicken wire until the adhesive-covered edges can “grab” the cone.

Covering large, uniform areas requires one pomp per every other chicken wire hole, or 3-4 inches apart on corrugated. Place pomps more closely together for areas that require more definition and detail, such as lettering.

A standard package contains 300 squares, which will cover 2 square feet of close spacing and twice that for more open spacing. After you’ve measured and done the math, add a little extra to your order — 5 to 10% — to cover mishaps and mistakes.

An alternative to tissue is to cut pomps from our 4-inch metallic streamers for eye-catching shimmer.

Hope you are finding the pomps posts helpful! Be sure to visit Shindigz Party’s float decorations pages for more ideas.


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