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Posted by paradefloats on July 7, 2010

Once you’ve chosen (or been given) a parade float theme, it’s time to select a slogan to fit that theme. You’ll want to display the slogan with spelled-out pomps, styrofoam letters or vinyl banners.

Halloween Float Slogan Ideas
Here Lies the Bulldog
Cooking Up a Victory
Tiger Eyes Are Watching
A Web of Defeat
The Great “Cougar” Patch
All Bulldogs Don’t Go to Heaven
Scream for a Victory
Here Lies the Mustangs
Buffy the “Cardinal” Slayer
You’re Not in Kansas Anymore
Betwitch the Panthers
We’re Baaack!
Bury the Rams
Haunt the Eagles
Boo – You’re Dead!
Scare Up a Victory
Trick or Defeat!
Tigers Don’t Have a Ghost of a Chance!

Hollywood Float Slogan Ideas
Reel in the Tigers
Clap the Cougars
We Are the Stars!
Bears Are the Stars
Spotlight on the Bulldogs
And the Winner Is … Us
Sink the Lions – It Won’t Be a Titanic Loss
Box Office Blowout
Directing Our Way to Victory
Now Starring … the Lions
Roll Out the Red Carpet for the Mustangs

Space Float Slogan Ideas
One Small Step for Man … One Giant Step for the Eagles
The Cougars Are Lost in Space
The Universe Is Ours
4, 3, 2, 1 … Win!
Launch the Tigers
Blast ‘Em!
We’re Outta This Universe
Throw ‘Em In the Black Hole
Out of This World
Mission to a Victory
Put ‘Em Into Orbit

Fairy Tale Float Slogan Ideas
Throw the Knights in the Dungeon
Rack ‘Em
Stretch ‘Em
Cast a Spell on the Chargers
Throw the Dogs in the Moat
The Sky Is the Limit
Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, the Cougars Are Gonna Win ‘Em All!
A Dream for a Wildcat
The Clock Strikes Midnight – Goodnight Mustangs!
Happily Ever After a Cougar Victory

Homecoming Theme Slogans
Bring It On
Get your Game on
Blast from the Past
Mission: Impossible
Raisin’ the Roof
Phantom Menace
Who Let the Dogs Out
Crunch Time
Rules of Engagement
Remember the Titans
Take ‘Em by Storm
Taking Out the Trash

In addition to checking out our line of parade float decorations, be sure to shop by theme party for great props, too!

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