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Parade Float Slogans for Team Mascots: ABCs

Posted by paradefloats on July 12, 2010

Need a slogan for a mascot parade float? Look up your challengers’ mascot name for fun ideas. What we have today are mascots starting with letters A,B, and C: over 100 of them! Look for the rest of the alphabet in coming weeks.

Be sure to use our Styrofoam letters to write your slogan on the side of your float, or check out our personalized sports banners.


Sink the Admirals
Axe the Aggies
Battle the Aggies
Victory over the Aggies
Plant the Aggies
Ambush the Antelopes
Rattle the Antlers
Crush the Armadillos
Stew the Armadillos
Axe the Aztecs
Attack the Aztecs


Bag the Badgers
Stomp the Badgers
Battle the Badgers
Smoke the Cudas
Batter the Bears
Bewilder the Bear Cats
Cage the Bear Cats
Bench the Bears
Bash the Bears
Tree the Bears
Bury the Bears
Skin the Bears
Scare the Bears
Besiege the Bears
Behead the Bear Cats
Butcher the Bear Cats
Boot the Beavers
On Your Knees Bees
Claw the Bengals
Bake the Birds
Pluck the Birds
Batter the Bison
Blast the Bishops
Banish the Bison
De-horn the Blue Devils
Shame the Blue Devils
Burn the Blue Devils
Say Your Prayers Blue Devils
Baffle the Blue Jays
Pluck the Blue Jays
Box the Bob Cats
Bury the Bob Cats
Skin the Bob Cats
Baste the Brahmas
Hide the Brahmas
Bench the Braves
Bolt the Broncos
Bust the Broncos
Saddle the Broncos
Bruise the Bruins
Bury the Bruins
Beach the Buccaneers
Make the Bucs Beg
Blockade the Bucks
Aim for the Bucks
Stampede the Buffaloes
Barbecue the Buffaloes
Train the Bulldogs
Best the Bulldogs
Heel the Bulldogs
Bug the Bulldogs
Blast the Bulldogs
Barbecue the Bulldogs
Brand the Bulldogs
Muzzle the Bulldogs
Cream the Bull pups


March through the Cadets
Cage the Cardinals
Ruffle the Cardinals
Con the Cardinals
Deck the Cards
Kick the Cats
Put out the Cats
Skin the Cats
Chop the Cavaliers
Conquer the Cavaliers
Spear the Cavaliers
Chain the Chaparrals
Crash the Chargers
Unplug the Chargers
Challenge the Chieftains
Confine the Cobras
De-fang the Cobras
Sack the Cobras
Clamp Down on the Colonels
Hobble the Colts
Corral the Colts
Crumble the Comets
Can the Comets
Cage the Cougars
Confuse the Cougars
Cook the Cougars
Cougars are Scaredy Cats
Claw the Cougars
Unhorse the Cowboys
Spur the Cowboys
Round-Up the Cowboys
Capture the Coyotes
Make the Crusaders Cringe
Crimp the Cubs
Crunch the Cubs
Control the Cyclones


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