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Parade Float Slogans for Team Mascots: D-O

Posted by paradefloats on July 28, 2010

Continuing the project we began last week to bring you slogans for mascot-themed parade floats, today we bring you close to 100 more, brought to you by the letters D-O. Look up slogans alphabetically by mascot name.

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Devastate the Demons
Divert the Devils
Disrupt the Devils
Cool the Devils
Dip the dogs
Waterlog the Dolphins
Filet the Dolphins
Drag the Dragons
Drench the Dragons
Depress the Ducks


Eliminate the Eagles
Up End the Eagles
Exterminate the Eagles
Entrap the Eagles
Egg the Eagles
Make the Eagles Sore
Let’s have an Elk hunt
Pluck the Eagles


Perch the Falcons
Fling the Falcons
Flush the Falcons
Fence in the Farmers
Frustrate the Foxes


Swamp the Gators
Grind the Gators
Discipline the Generals
Exhaust the Greyhounds
Muzzle the Greyhounds
Bottle Up the Green Wave


Chickenize the Hawks
Handicap the Hawks
Humble the Highlanders
Hamper the Highlanders
Stun the Hornets
Halt the Hornets
Swat the Hornets
Put the Hurt on the Hornets
Send the Hounds back to the Dog House
Saddle up the Horses
Blow Out the Hurricanes
Leash the Huskies
Harness the Huskies


Ignite the Indians
Eject the Indians
Disband the Indians
Intercept the Indians
Teepee the Indians
Ice the Indians
Scalp the Indians
Impede the Irish
Melt the Ironmen


Daze the Jack Rabbits
Jar the Jackets
Zip up the Jackets
Spray the Jackets
Jump the Jaguars
Send the Jags packing


Nuke the Knights
Can the Knights
Scrap the Knights
Kidnap the Knights
Daze the Knights
Put out the Knights’ Lights


Lash the Lancers
Level the Leopards
Launch the Leopards
Maul the Lions
Stop the Lions in their Tracks
De-mane the Lions
Lock up the Lions
Look Down on the Lions
Label the Lions
Lambaste the Lions
Loop the Longhorns
Stump the Lumberjacks


Fry the Marlins
Master the Matadors
Mangle the Mavericks
Blast the Miners
Maul the Minutemen
Mug the Mounties
Round up the Mustangs
Muzzle the Mustangs
Lather the Mustangs
Lasso the Mustangs
Boot the Mustangs
Brand the Mustangs


Cap Off the Oilers
Obstruct the Oilers
Beat the Stuffin’ out of the Owls
Cage the Owls


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