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Parade Float Slogans for Mascots: P-Y

Posted by paradefloats on August 4, 2010

If you’re planning a float for Homecoming or other Spirit Parade before a big game, we’re glad you’re here! The following is our third offering of parade float slogan ideas for mascot-themed floats. Looking up slogans alphabetically by mascot, you can also find parade float slogans for team mascots: ABCs and parade float slogans for team mascots: D-O here.

In all, that’s over 300 slogan ideas presented. Look for similarly bountiful selections of mascots and mascot accessories, as well as parade float supplies at!


Pelt the Panthers
Pain the Panthers
Pickle the Panthers
Paddle the Panthers
Pound the Panthers
Pink the Panthers
Make the Patriots Surrender
Pop the Patriots
Pickle the Patriots
It’s the End of the Line for the Pioneers
Plunder the Pirates
Plank the Pirates
Deck the Pirates
Sink the Pirates
Deep Six the Pirates


Rout the Rabbits
Ransack the Raiders
Run Off the Raiders
Run Down the Raiders
Repulse the Raiders
Maybe Later, Raiders
Cram the Rams
Rumble the Rams
Ravage the Rams
Rams Make Good Trophies
Hang Up the Rangers
Shake the Rattlers
Hog-Tie the Razorbacks
Rag the Rebels
Collar the Rebels
Reform the Red Devils
Railroad the Red Devils
Repel the Redskins
Rock the Rockets
Rough up the Rough Riders


Sack the Saints
Shame the Saints
Scorch the Scorpions
Shock the Scots
Smoke the Seminoles
Sucker the Sharks
Squish the Skeeters
Subdue the Spartans
Shred the Spartans
Spank the Spartans
Stall the Stallions
Stifle the Steelers


Cage the T-Birds
Terminate the Tigers
Deflate the Texans
Turn Under the Thunderbirds
Tag the Tigers
Rip the Claws from the Tiger’s Paws
Top the Tigers
Trample the Tigers
Tucker the Tigers
Thrash the Tigers
Tame the Tigers
Tigers Make easy Game
Drub the Tiger Cubs
Make the Tornadoes take Cover
Tame the Tornadoes
Tie Up the Trojans
Trash the Trojans
Trojans make easy Targets
Tar the Trojans
Truck on the Trojans
Trample the Trojans


Vex the Vikings
Victimize the Vikings
Capsize the Vikings


Waylay the Warriors
Wad up the Warriors
Warp the Warriors
Wash Up the Waves
Eliminate the Wild Cats
Scat the Wild Cats
Scratch the Wild Cats
Rope the Wild Cats
Wallop the Wild Cats
Whip the Wild Cats
Bury the Wolverines
Winch the Wolves
Wobble the Wolves
Make ‘Em Cry Wolf
Sack the Wolf Pack


Make the Yellow Jackets Yell
Smash the Yellow Jackets
Exterminate the Yellow Jackets
Swat the Yellow Jackets


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