Parade Float Ideas

Ideas to Build Parade Floats

Spring Parade Float Ideas

Posted by paradefloats on February 1, 2011

Decorate a Parade Float for Spring Festivals

Can’t wait for spring? We can’t either! Spring is the time for parades, so gather a few spring party supplies to build a festive and prize-winning float.

Grab the crowd’s attention with the pink and white argyle pink & white create-an-arch. Your cheerleaders, homecoming king and queen, or other students can stand in the arch and wave to the crowd. These arches also make beautiful decor for dances, proms, or other events.

Use green grass mats to cover the bottom of your float trailer. Then accent the sides of your trailer with two or three colors of vinyl festooning in spring hues such as orchid, white, grass green, or orange. Metallic butterfly shaped balloons make the perfect decoration for your spring float or other spring-themed banquet or school event.

Adorn your stunning multicolored metallic float with a spring themed custom vinyl banner emblazoned with your school name or event information.


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