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Royal Wedding Parade Floats

Posted by paradefloats on February 8, 2011

The time has come for planning a parade float theme. With the royal wedding of Prince William to Kate Middleton this spring, a royal wedding parade float is an outstanding float theme! Royalty and weddings are both lavish and extravagant in appearance, yet this theme can be accomplished on a reasonable budget.

Royal Wedding Party
The most prominent people on this float are the royal bride and groom. The bride can be decked out in a beautiful wedding gown that can be borrowed, or purchased at a resale shop for a minimal price. Along with a dress suit for the groom, one of the royal velvet robes will help establish the royal groom’s identity. In addition, the bride and groom can be adorned with the royal adoration combo which includes one tiara and one velvet royal kings crown with sequined and faux fur. You can choose your own crown color from the choices listed. Get more people interacting on your float by including wedding party attendants.

Royal Wedding Float Decorations
Create the base of your float with iridescent floral sheeting on the floor, and metallic fringe around the edge of the float to give it a shimmer and an elegance. The fairy tale carriage entrance adds a majestic focal point to the float. Add a star aisle runner coming from the door of the carriage to give that area a nice accent. Another really fun idea to give your float a unique flair is to place a bubble fountain on the float. This decoration lets you experience the splendor of a fountain without having to use water! An abundance of lights and balloons flow from the 5 foot 5 inch high bubble fountain. Sturdy cardboard forms the 6 foot diameter base. Bubble fountains are available in black, white, or purple.

Have a royal good time decorating this fun theme parade float!


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