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Celestial Balloon Cloud Party Accents

Posted by paradefloats on February 22, 2011

Keep your guests’ eyes on the sky with fun balloon clouds at your party. A combination of 11″ white latex ballons and clear crystal balloons make the most interesting clouds. However, any color balloons you prefer can be used. The balloons discussed for this short “How-To Article” will be the white and clear balloons. An “average” size balloon cloud – 10′ long, 5′ wide and 5′ high requires about 300 balloons, and is sized for a ballroom or gymnasium. You will also need 50′ of 30 pound test monofilament line. The clouds can be modified in size to fit any setting.

Inflate a white and a clear 11″ balloon with air until they are approximately the same size. Tie the necks of the balloons together. Do not tie them individually. Inflate all the balloons using a helium tank and tie them in similar pairs. Twist together two pair of balloons to make a four-balloon cluster.
Stretch out a 50′ length of 30 pound test monofilament line by tying each end to objects in a room – such a chair backs or door knobs. Starting 1′ from one of the ends of the line, twist a cluster of balloons around the line so the balloons hang suspended on the line. Twist a second cluster of balloons onto the line. Push the second cluster up against the first cluster. Do not fit one cluster into the other in an orderly way, but keep the appearance of the clusters random. Twist clusters of balloons onto the line until you reach the end. Leave 1′ of line clear at the end. Loop both 1′ lengths of loose line around and tie them to the line so the last balloon cluster on each end does not fall off. Loop the balloons on the monofilament line back and forth on top of each other until a puffy cloud is formed.
It is very easy to wrap the cloud with clear string lights and add to the magic of its appearance. Use at least a 100 light set. Hang the cloud in place, using two lengths of monofilament line.


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