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Night Time Parade Float Ideas

Posted by paradefloats on April 2, 2011

Night time parade floats are mesmerizing! There are so many cool ways to use color, lights, and music to design a fantastic, magical float. Choose a float theme that lends itself well to bright and flashy! Some suggested themes are carnival, casino night, Parisian, patriotic, or stars themes.

Powering the lights
You will need to plug an AC inverter into your cigarette lighter, or an AC adapter into your truck. This enables the truck battery and engine power to be converted to AC for powering the lights. Use an extension cord and plug it into the AC inverter. Then run the cord through the back or side window of the pickup. Plug in a power strip so that you can plug in several strings of lights. It is a good idea to check the light wattage to make sure not to exceed the maximum output.

Trailer Decoration
Start your trailer decorations with vinyl metallic fringe to wrap around the base of the float. There are 10 bright colors of fringe to choose from. Then string either clear twinkle lights or colored string lights around the edge of the float.

Lighted Decorations

Radiant LED balloon lights are a really cool must have for a nighttime parade float. They are easy to use; just activate the LED, insert the light, and inflate the balloon. The lights will stay lit approximately 4 hours and the batteries are replaceable. Other bold and illuminated decoration ideas include the following:
• Lamp Posts
• Illuminated Eiffel Tower
• City of Lights Paris Kit
• Lighted Dice Columns
• Luminescent Circle Arch
• Patriotic Starry Night Arch
• Wire Lighted Stars

Metallic, Reflective, and Shiny Float Decorations
Putting metallic floral sheeting, vinyl metallic twistees, metallic fringe garland, metallic poms, and festooning metallic will help make your float reflective and shiny.


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