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Patriotic Ideas for your Fourth of July Float

Posted by paradefloats on June 1, 2011

Decorate Patriotic Parade Floats!

Show your love for your country and your school with a red, white and blue Fourth of July float. If you’ll be driving in the parade, deck out your car with the red and white car decorating kit. If you’ll be building a float, cover the float trailer with red and white parade float floral vinyl and metallic sheeting. Then decorate the edges and bottom of your float trailer with festive blue parade float vinyl or metallic fringe.

Here’s another patriotic idea: create a flag design by using red-and-white striped floral sheeting and adding a rectangle of blue sheeting decorated with 50 white “stars” (made with tissue pomps.) Order a kit with white parade pomps tissue squares and pomps paste to create the stars on your festive float.

Deck out your float or your vehicle with bright and durable patriotic bunting. Patriotic garland will add a fun finishing touch, as well as a group of hanging stars with fringe.

 Have a blast celebrating America’s independence!


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