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Fall Festival Parade Floats-Decorating Ideas

Posted by paradefloats on August 1, 2011

Back-to-school means that in just a few short weeks the summer season tapers off with cooler temperatures and the trees begin a colorful transition into the autumn season. Now is the time to start planning for the fall festival parade float. Design and assemble a float with an amazing display of harvest foliage and fabulous fall fun that is both easy to put together and magnificent to watch as the float slowly passes by on the parade route.

Parade Float Decorations
Begin decorating your fall festival float with classic colorful parade float materials. Deck out the bottom of the float with a metallic fringe in your choice of vibrant colors. Select a fringe color that compliments the design and theme of your float. Top off the edge of the fringe with festooning or twistees for a more finished look. Consider adding a wonderful personalized fall banner to the fringe in order to highlight the message of your float! Create a realistic grass-like appearance on the floor of the float with bright parade float grass mats. Cover the entire top surface of the float floor by attaching grass mats to it.

Fall Arches
Draw the attention of the parade crowd to your float with an attractive autumn arch. The fall create-an-arch allows you to customize your own arch by selecting a fantastic background design, a background color, two unique designs, and up to 3 lines of personalized wording at the top of the arch. For an even bigger impact, design a matching fall create-a-column or two on either side of the create-an-arch. For a ready-made leafy arch design, the personalized fall harvest arch is a real winner! This arch features multi-colored leaves from a variety of trees with a green striped background pattern. Personalize the top of the arch with your own words on a white sign with a giant acorn and giant fall leaves.

Fall Decorations
Conjure up a gorgeous fall atmosphere with several giant cornstalk decorations strategically placed on your float. Once the cornstalks are in place, nothing says fall more than plenty of real plump pumpkins of various sizes placed on or near lots of large straw bales. The straw bales are great not only to add depth and dimension to your float, but they also serve a dual purpose as seating for float participants. Attach autumn leaves or autumn garland to the various decorations, or even add them to the grass flooring for a lifelike fall float. For more ambitious float designers, take spooky tree standees and add some leaves to the branches of the trees. Then make your own pile of leaves by making a mound covered with chicken wire and affix a bunch leaves or fall colored tissue squares to the wire.

No matter which decorations you choose to incorporate on the fall festival float, be sure to have fun decorating the float with friends, family, neighbors, and classmates.


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