Parade Float Ideas

Ideas to Build Parade Floats

Graduation Float Ideas

Posted by paradefloats on March 19, 2012

Your graduate has accomplished so much. It’s time to celebrate!  Having a parade allows neighbors and friends to join in the fun. It’s not that difficult to put together a graduation float and parade and what a wonderful memory it will make.

Design the Graduation Float

Decorate the car with a graduation decorating kit.  This kit includes a banner, bunting, a sign, and garland streamers.  Place the banner on the sides of the car, and attach the streamers to the antenna, the handles, and the doors.   Think ahead about what vehicle will pull the trailer.  Make sure it is heavy enough and has the right hitch!

Choose your trailer carefully.  It needs to be road-worthy (legal) as well as stable.  You don’t want your graduate to fall!

Decorate Your Graduation Float

Some people use indoor/outdoor carpet for the bottom of the trailer since that gives a more secure footing.  But a more economical approach would be to use poly vinyl rolls in school colors.  Using a staple gun, attach the sheeting to the floor of the trailer.  Parade float materials like vinyl fringe can be placed on the sides of the trailer.  Leave at least 1 foot (and preferably 15 inches) from the bottom of the fringe to the ground.  This provides clearance and ensures nothing gets caught as you are driving.

To cover the joint between the sheeting and the fringe, either use dark blue vinyl festooning (fringe twistees) or red, white, and blue vinyl festooning.

The graduate can either sit or stand.  But either way, be sure that your graduate is safe!  Have handles or something solidly attached so that there are no tumbles if the float has to stop or turn.

Invite Family and Friends to the Graduation Parade and Celebrate!

Is it a parade if no one is watching?  Gather the crowd by sending graduation invitations, and put up some custom yard signs marking the way.  Pass out graduation balloons and get ready to watch that float go by.

Have your graduate wave to the crowd from the graduation float and then gather for some food and fun.


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