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Tips for Organizing a Better Parade

Posted by paradefloats on April 10, 2012

Organizing a parade can be a big responsibility. Poor planning can lead to chaos on the day of the parade. Don’t be unprepared for the parade or you could be facing more stress than necessary.

Find Helpers

You shouldn’t go at it alone. Planning a parade is best done with a committee. Decide who you will work with best and invite them to help. A committee can help things run smoothly before the parade and on the actual day of the parade.

Decide on a Theme

A parade with no theme has little purpose. Give your parade entries some direction by choosing a theme. It might go with a holiday, a specific event, or even a sports team. Be sure the theme is something you are comfortable working with and that it will be broad enough that the floats in the parade won’t all look the same.

Encourage People to Participate

A parade can’t happen without people to participate. Spread the word about your event weeks, or even months, ahead of time. Consider hanging personalized banners around town to encourage people to participate. Make sure the banner lists the date and time of the parade, the theme, and a way to contact you should participants have any questions. It is also a good idea to contact your local newspaper to get some coverage of the event ahead of time.

Get Help from Guides

If you’re the organizer of the parade, people will likely come to you for advice on how to create their float. Make sure you are a bit of a float expert so you can answer questions. How to Build a Float is a great resource for parade organizers and float builders.

Decide on the Rules

Set the rules early and make sure participants are well aware of them. Will candy be thrown at your parade? What’s the limit in size for floats? How many people from each organization can participate? Make a list of rules and stick to them. Make exceptions for no one.

The Day of the Parade

Don’t let your participants just show up and line up. Have a set lineup in place ahead of time and make sure each participant is aware of where their float will be in the parade. Also make sure the floats will be in place at least an hour before the parade is scheduled to start. This will cut back on stress the day of the parade. When it’s time to begin, send your floats on their way and enjoy the parade!


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