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Ideas to Build Parade Floats

Entertain Crowds on Your Parade Floats

Posted by paradefloats on May 5, 2012

Everyone loves a parade! In order to have a parade float that entertains the crowds you not only have to think about making sure the float fits the parade theme, but that the people on the float are entertaining.                          

Start by creating a float that catches people’s eyes.  It’s no good to have people watching another float – make your float the center of attention!  Use colorful metallic fringe and vinyl twistees in bright colors.  To make it easy, try a spirit decorating kit in order to transform your trailer.  Vinyl or metallic festooning will further attract attention and show your support by using school colors.

People will be watching and cheering if your parade float includes a football float component.  A six foot high football is enough to get everyone excited about that big game.  Add some helmet balloons and the crowd will be ready to go!

The people on the float can attract the crowd’s attention by singing, shouting cheers through a megaphone, or by using noisemakers like a cow bell or an inflatable bam bam stick.   These sticks could be basic, imprinted, metallic or wavy.   You will really get the crowd’s attention by using a  light up bam bam stick!

If the parade rules allow, have the participants toss candy to the audience.  Try tossing a wide variety of candies in order to please and excite the crowd.  Another crowd pleaser is the black clapper necklace – a stylish way to make noise and support your team.


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