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Welcome Home! Military Parade Float Ideas

Posted by paradefloats on July 23, 2012

There just may be nothing more exciting than welcoming home U.S. service men and women. They’ve fought for our freedom and safety, and there’s no better way to welcome them home than by having a parade or a parade float in their honor.

Perfectly Patriotic

It’s all about the red, white, and blue. It should be obvious from down the street that the approaching float is one that celebrates America. Decorate in USA’s colors from top to bottom! Starting at the bottom, line the bottom of your float with red, white and blue vinyl fringe. Work your way around the float with patriotic streamers. If you want to take things to the sky, decorate the float with red, white and blue patriotic balloons filled with helium.

Personalize It

Got a list of all the soldiers coming home that will be at the parade? Welcome them home with a personalized banner. Recognizing the soldiers by name will make the parade float that much more memorable.

Have Veterans Help Out

They certainly haven’t forgotten what it’s like to return from serving, so there’s a good chance local veterans will be more than happy to help with a Welcome Home military float. Since veterans know what it’s like, it will mean a lot to returning soldiers to have their support.

Play Patriotic Tunes

Music has the special ability to bring up emotions in even the coldest person. To really make the float memorable, play some of America’s favorite tunes like “God Bless the U.S.A.,” “Born in the U.S.A.,” “America,” and “Some Gave All.” Do an internet search for patriotic songs and you’ll quickly have a list of great American favorites.

Purchase a Patriotic Float Kit

If you aren’t feeling especially creative or don’t have time to create the perfect float, buy a patriotic float kit and all the planning is done for you!

Remember, the stars of the welcome home military parade float are the soldiers. What really matters is that your float/parade honors those who have served for the U.S.A. Bring out the best of your red, white, and blue, and make them feel like the heroes they are!


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