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Jungle Animals and Safari Floats to Wow Kids

Posted by paradefloats on August 14, 2012

Animal prints are all over this season on clothing, handbags, furniture, and more! Whether it’s zebra print on a tank top or leopard print on a couch, wild animals are hot right now, no matter what age you are. But if you really want to wow kids at a parade, have a jungle animal safari float at your next parade!

Set the Stage

The background is important. Make sure it fits with your selected theme, whether it be a trip in a jungle or on an African safari. You might want to choose a simple backdrop for your parade float, like a jungle foliage backdrop, which is basically a lot of green grass and leaves. A jungle should be loaded with trees from the rainforest. Consider having monkeys in palm trees as a part of your background.


You can’t have a safari float to wow kids without lots and lots of animals! The animals on your float can be as simple or extravagant as you like. If you’re going for simple, have everyone bring in their favorite stuffed animals and hold them on the float or as they walk with the float. If you want to do it up big, get some animal cardboard cutouts and display them all over the float.

Dress the Part

Have parade participants dress like they are headed on a safari. Khaki shorts and tops work best for this. They should also be carrying binoculars and wearing safari hats. For some live-action animals, some participants can dress up as the animals themselves! Paint their faces like their favorite jungle animals.

Make it Come Alive

To really make your jungle come to life and your safari impress kids at the parade, you’ve got to have jungle sounds coming from your float. There are lots of CDs that can be purchased that are strictly jungle sounds like rushing waterfalls, exotic birds and roaring lions. You can even download these sounds on the internet and make your own CD of jungle sounds for the parade.

Remember, the more your float looks like a jungle safari, the more it will wow kids as you pass them in the parade. By adding sound and costumes, you’re making it come to life even more.


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