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Ideas to Build Parade Floats

Decorate Your Float for Breast Cancer Awareness

Posted by paradefloats on September 25, 2012

Autumn is right around the corner and you know what that means, it’s time to color October… PINK! Yes, PINK! October is the perfect time to get outside, let the beauty of the cool breeze softly caress your skin, admire the serenity of nature’s landscape, and share in the passion of honoring your loved ones who are battling or survivors of breast cancer, and who, never for a moment, take for granted the beauty of life’s little treasures. And after all, October respectfully maintains the honor of serving as ambassador to Breast Cancer Awareness and the pink ribbon has become the most nationally recognized symbol of Breast Cancer Awareness in the movement to Save the Ta-Tas! So, for your next parade, you can team up with October and show your support by painting October pink.

Join the Cause

Breast Cancer Awareness month offers many opportunities to get involved. You can search your local area for Making Strides Against Breast Cancer or Breast Cancer walks, Relay for Life events, or local parades and festivals for ways that you and your fellow breast cancer supporters can help make a difference in the lives of those who have been diagnosed with cancer.    

Pretty in Pink Parades

Making a parade float can be both fun and rewarding. There are many ways that you can decorate your float to show your support.

First, before you begin, you should discuss and determine a budget for your float with your team members.

  • Do you plan to have sponsors for your float?
  • Will your team be raising funds through fundraising activities?
  • Will your team pay to organize the float?

It is important to consider how your float will be funded so your team of supporters has an idea of how your available funds pair with your vision for the float.

Once you’ve determined how your float will be funded, begin by envisioning the type of look you would like for the float and what the purpose of the float will be, such as honoring a loved one. Check out this link for additional cancer float ideas.

  • Do you see your float as an oval? Rectangle or square?
  • Consider the size of the float and how many people that the will float need to accommodate. *If you plan to honor an individual, consider how you plan to do so – do you plan to have a pedestal for your honorary guest to stand on or a raised seat for her to sit – and ensure adequate space on the float.
  • Decide how you would like for your float to move – a small float pulled by your team, on wheels and motorized. Take into account the surface that your float will be traveling on, such as rocks or cement.
  • Purchase building materials: wood, nails, screws, wheels, and other necessary materials.
  • Gather the necessary tools to build your float.

Get your team together for an afternoon of fellowship and build your float. Once your float is designed, you can decorate!! Let the fun and creativity begin!

Whether your parade float serves the purpose to bring awareness to breast cancer or seek donations for breast cancer research, your float is sure to touch the hearts of survivors and their families.


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