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Flashback to the Twenties – Great Gatsby, Flapper Girls, and Your Mansion Float

Posted by paradefloats on December 7, 2012

Ah, the Roaring Twenties, a time of good music, partying, and in general a fun time. Everyone in that time period was always looking for that next big party or the next big show. It was a time of American prosperity. At the big parade this year, show how much you admire the philosophies of the Roaring Twenties with a Gatsby Float! The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald depicts such philosophies and tells a story of mansions, flapper girls, and love. Recreate a Gatsby party right on your float for the parade.

Float Decorating: The Basics

Use Spray Glue to Hold the Materials to the Float!

Use Spray Glue to Hold the Materials to the Float!

Before you can deck out your float with awesome flapper girls, costumes, and party scenes, the float needs some basic decorating. A scene on top of a bare trailer is not very attractive to parade attendees, so you’re going to need some decorations to jazz the trailer up to make your float stand out. A trailer decorating kit is an essential for creating attractive floats. The kit contains plastic fringe and twistee to transform your trailer into a colorful masterpiece. The kit’s contents come in a plethora of colors. Once the float is looking colorful, the floor of the trailer needs some decorating, as well. Cover up the trailer’s floor with floral sheeting so that the entire trailer is covered in float-style material. Finally, as is custom in many parades, candy is thrown so that the children can have something to take home with them after the parade. Pick up some candy so that the kids can be excited to see your float in future parades!

The Flapper Girls

Cigarette Holder

Cigarette Holder

The flapper girls of the Roaring Twenties were iconic to the era. With their dancing and clothing, they challenged the standards of the time. Have you and/or your friends dress up as flapper girls and dance around on the float during the parade! Wrap a large, fuzzy boa that many flappers wore around your neck and use it to dance around on the float. Many flappers wore headbands, as well, accented with feathers and beads. Complete the outfit with a dress and you look exactly like a 1920’s flapper! Add some more partiers in the background with flapper standees, complete with feathers and beads to make them look eccentric. Flapper girls are essential for completing the Roaring Twenties look, so flap it up on your float!

The Party at Gatsby’s Mansion

Finally, it’s time to decorate for the party that’s going to go down on your float. Gatsby’s mansion was one of the finest mansions the Roaring Twenties had to offer that had parties going on constantly, so decorating can be fun and creative. One thing that all parties have in common is music. Music is a cornerstone of some of the craziest parties, and it was definitely present in the Twenties. The 1920’s brought about new forms of music (e.g. jazz), so the jukebox was blaring with some of the latest tunes of the decade. Play some jazz to capture the musical aspect of parties in the Twenties. Place an elegant staircase on the float, similar to what would have been seen in Gatsby’s mansion. Let everyone attending the parade know what your float is all about with a banner with a 1920’s design. Party on, Roaring Twenties-style!

Make sure to see the new Great Gatsby movie coming to theaters in May of 2013!

Make your float a blast from the past by making it in the style of the Roaring Twenties. Your float can be the biggest party in the parade with jazz music, flapper girls, and a fancy mansion party scene. Keep the spirit of the 1920’s alive with your float this year!


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  1. Floyd Perry said

    Whether your parade float serves the purpose to bring awareness to breast cancer or seek donations for breast cancer research, your float is sure to touch the hearts of survivors and their families.

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