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How to Make a Mardi Gras Parade Float

Posted by paradefloats on January 15, 2013

If you are building a Mardi Gras parade float, you know that time is running out to finish it! Here are some ideas for reducing the work a little while retaining the “eye candy” qualities you strive for.

Big Easy skirt frames: Besides using pomps and chicken wire, the other classic way to cover a skirt frame is to staple floral sheeting over it and attach fringe along the bottom of the frame — but there is a third way that saves steps.

Premium metallic decorating curtains come in heights of 8 or 12 feet. That’s tall enough to cover anything you’ve got. The curtains come in classic Mardi Gras colors, and we’re sure you’ll love the gleam and sweep of long fringe.

Attach curtains at the top of the frame just where the decking ends, and cover the seam between the curtain and the floral sheeting (or other decking material) with festooning just as you would any material transition. Lastly, trim the fringe to the desired length.

This Girl Guide publication has great illustrations of skirt frame options.

Big Easy Messaging: Identify your organization or share your parade float slogan with custom Mardi Gras banners, which incidentally will hang nicely against your fringed foil curtains. There are 30 designs and you can further customize any of them, so they are sure to be eye-catching and unique to your float.

Our banners are made to laugh at the weather. If you participate in a Mardi Gras parade every year, consider the most timeless design and message possible so you can happily re-use them.

There are few rules for designing a banner for a parade float and they relate to visibility: use the largest lettering that will fit, and a lettering color that contrasts with the background color.

Big Easy decorations: Mardi Gras props can be a huge time saver over building your own, and some props, such as street lights, require little fuss.

Consider your climate if you are looking at cardboard products, and if your prop is one-sided find a way to hide the back. Decorating curtains might, once again, be the answer here; just use our tall Showstopper curtain frames. Another idea is to buy two of a symmetrical prop and place them back to back – our Rendezvous buildings, shown above, would be perfect for this.

Balloons are also an easy decorating option. Most balloons will hold up just fine outdoors for the duration of a parade, and our Mardi Gras balloons are big as well as easy.

Decorate with balloons after you get to the staging area and as close to parade start time as possible for the freshest look. If pre-inflating, blow up and keep the balloons in an environment that has the same air temperature as you’ll find at the parade, to avoid the problem of deflation caused by going from warm to cold.

Find more ideas in parade supplies and if you have a tip of your own, please share in the comments!


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