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Posted by paradefloats on May 1, 2013

Whether it’s the teachers or the students, everyone who has spent the fall, winter and spring at school is Paradeready for a break when summer hits. One super fun idea for celebrating the arrival of summer is a School’s Out Parade. Have different school clubs and even sports teams come up with their own floats for a crazy celebration of the end of the school year!

Here are some of our favorite, creative ideas for themes for School’s Out Parade Floats:

School Spirit Float

School may be out, but that doesn’t mean students and staff will abandon their spirit for their school. A school spirit float should be decked out in the school colors and embody the great spirit everyone has for their school. The Custom Trailer Decorating Kit is the perfect way to get started with this idea. This float should also have a personalized banner announcing the name of the club or group that is sponsoring the float. Of course, any great parade float is accompanied by people passing out candy. Have everyone involved in this float wear their favorite spirit attire and pass out candy to parade watchers along the road.

Senior Stars 

Seniors are clearly the stars of the parade, as it will mark their final event before graduation. If your 7h136csenior class has its own colors, decorate the float in those, or use the school colors. Depending on the size of the Senior class, consider writing each Senior’s name on a star, that way everyone is involved! Don’t forget the star banner, announcing the Senior class as the official “stars” of the parade.


The legendary city of Atlantis can be the most legendary float in the parade. Decorate your float in beautiful underwater colors like blue and turquoise. And don’t forget Atlantis staples like seahorses and chariots. Have members of the club or team dress up like their favorite sea creatures and have them blow bubbles so parade watchers will get the full underwater feel of Atlantis.

8v035vMusic Mania

It could be the marching band, jazz band, choir, or those who participated in the musical. Music is everywhere at school, and a music mania float is simple and fun to do. Go with a black-and-white theme but add an exciting accent color like red or hot pink. Decorate your float with music note balloons and your accent color. If students don’t want to play their actual instruments, play some rock ‘n’ roll music and have participants jam out on their inflatable instruments. Everyone loves music, and a music float is sure to bring smiles to parade watchers.

Step Back in Time

Even in the 1920’s students were excited for school to let out for the summer, and with the upcoming movie release of The Great Gatsby, a Roaring 20’s themed float will definitely impress the student body. Have participants in this float wear their favorite flapper outfits and 20’s gangster clothes. Decorate the float in your favorite bright colors, and then place silhouettes of dancing couples from the 20’s in front. Be sure and have your favorite jazz music playing so the float will really come to life.

The right costumes, decorations and music can make any float spectacular for an end-of-the-year parade at school. What are some favorite “School’s Out” parade floats you’ve seen?


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