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Zumba on Your Fiesta-Themed Parade Float

Posted by paradefloats on April 1, 2013

Some things are too good not to share. Celebrations of Latin American cultures, such as Cinco de Mayo, have grown through the years into traditional community-wide festivals in cities of all sizes.

Zumba is also too good not to share. Promoting a diverse collection of Latin music styles along with fitness, fun and charitable giving, Zumba’s popularity shows no sign of waning.

It’s an inevitable match.

So let’s talk about your float decorations. What you want to think about first are bright colors or even the proverbial “riot” of colors to generate visual energy.

You may well ask if you’ll find the colors you need in basic parade float materials and the answer is yes. Fringe and festooning comes in all your primary colors and with choices of vinyl and metallic versions. Floral sheeting, usually the first choice for covering decks and decorations, gives you even more color options including unusual hues such as hot pink and teal.

The next step is to pick out large props and decorations. How about signage? There are at least four ways to identify your group or slogan in a decorative way, and you’ll want to choose based on budget, time, number of volunteers, re-usability and other factors. They are: pomps, fiesta banners, posters and personalized props.

The Fiesta Arch, shown above at right, is a lovely example of a prop in bright colors that can carry a message. Printed on both sides, you won’t have to worry about orienting it just so on the float; and with a height of nine feet, everyone will see the text. While it may require anchoring and some internal bracing, this made-to-order piece is a big, beautiful time-saver over building from scratch.

Pull motifs from your arch to complete the presentation. Mylar balloons in the shape of musical notes, maracas props and wearable sombreros from the Fiesta store are examples of additional decorations that will help pull the look together.

From there, it’s time to add sound and movement to your visual feast. Will your Zumba team actually dance on the float? It could be that building and using stanchions will meet safety regulations, or that the dancers will perform alongside the float and leave the riders to something tamer. If you haven’t already, check with the parade authority as soon as possible and plan accordingly.

Will you be building a parade float for Cinco de Mayo or other Latin American festival coming up soon? Let us know in comments!


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Celebrate Your Freedom with a Festive Float!

Posted by paradefloats on February 28, 2012

Celebrate with Your Fellow Citizens and Friends

Many cities all across the United States have parades for the Fourth of July.  Rightfully so– as citizens we should be proud to celebrate our independence and our freedom.  Have you been asked to participate in a parade and decorate a float?  If you’ve never done it before, you might need a little help…

Where to Start: A Fourth of July Parade Float

The first step should be finding information about building parade floats.  Whether that information comes from a book or a website, as long as it helps you construct your float, it’s valuable.  Next, you’ll need to find a tool kit with which to construct your parade float.  You could simply purchase a patriotic parade float kit if you’re nervous about your decorating skills, but sometimes creating your own ideas can be fun.  When you’ve found your trailer, use patriotic floral sheeting to set the theme.  From there, you can line the bottom of your Fourth of July float or the bottom of your vehicle with red, white, and blue fringe.  The floor of the Fourth of July parade float can be covered with grass mats for your float riders to stand on.  Then you can begin to add other decorations.  If you want to construct a small fence portion or you have a rail around your Fourth of July float, add festive patriotic bunting and twist red, white, and blue festooning around the rail.  Position a life-sized cake prop on your float for the participants to stand around.  Begin adding clusters of balloons at the corners of your Fourth of July float.  This way, the people that ride your Fourth of July float will have something to take home at the end of the parade, or to hand out to kids along the way.

Fourth of July Parade Participants

Whether young or old, everyone wants to participate in a Fourth of July parade.  Give everyone a choice of whether they want to ride on the Fourth of July float or walk behind it in another part of your Fourth of July parade.  Those that participate in the Fourth of July parade should wear jeans or jean shorts and a red, white, or blue shirt.  Then give every participant leis to wear and a choice between pinwheels and flags to carry.  They could also carry mini metal patriotic buckets filled with favors to hand out along the Fourth of July parade route.

Have fun celebrating the Fourth of July with your friends and family.  Whether you’re creating the Fourth of July parade float or simply walking behind the float handing out favors, remember what the holiday means: freedom, independence, and joy.

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Our Best 4th of July Parade Float Ideas

Posted by paradefloats on June 6, 2011

Float your way down the street with a spectacular 4th of July parade float that wows the crowd! Gather your family, friends, neighbors, and fellow parade enthusiasts for some great times building a float without breaking the bank. Make it look easy with amazing patriotic float decorations ready for you to design a masterpiece float.

Float Base
Start with the patriotic float kit, which comes with the basics to create the bottom portion of your fantastic 4th of July parade float, including:
• 48 feet white vinyl floral sheeting
• 2 rolls metallic gold festooning
• 5 rolls (14 inches by 10 feet) metallic gold fringe
• 48 feet red, white and blue vinyl floral sheeting

Make an impact with the patriotic star arch as a focal point for the float! This arch is loaded with stars in red, white, and blue patriotic patterns, and there is even a star at the top to personalize the arch with your own wording.

Produce a big bang with the addition of the firecrackers float kit that contains 3 firecracker decorations at varying heights to add drama and dimension to your float.

Celebrate the independence of the United States of America and the birth of a nation with the USA cake prop. Light up the cake with 10 battery operated candles for a more realistic effect. Bring a bold and stunning effect to your float with the USA letter set near the cake. The giant letters are sure to catch the attention of the crowd and you may even hear a U-S-A chant as the float passes by.


Stars, fireworks, flags, and everything in patriotic balloons is available to help pack that added punch to your 4th of July parade float. Group together a fun assortment of different balloons for additional interest. Bunch a collection of the same balloon style in various colors in a balloon bouquet.

Give respect and honor to the American flag and all that it stands for on your float. Deck out the vehicle pulling the float with car flags and a variety of other American flag party supplies. Hand held flags are perfect for float riders to wave at the crowd as the float travels down the street.

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