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Five Ideas for Your Easter Parade Float

Posted by paradefloats on March 1, 2013

He is Risen

A great way to celebrate Easter and spread your message to the community is by participating in a parade.  Start out by covering your float with white pomps tissue squares.  Use the pomps to create a very serene cloud.  Add several white pearl balloons to the float.  Tie them at different heights with white or clear string.  Have members from your church’s children’s choir dress in white and sing Easter hymns as they travel through the streets.  While walking along side of the float, choir members can carefully give out Religious Cross Party Mints to onlookers.  Children will be especially excited to receive a special treat on Easter Sunday.  The Rejoice Personalized Banner will be a great addition to spread the word about your ministry and service times.

rejoicepersonalized banner

The Easter Egg Hunt

Easter Egg Hunts are one of the most popular activities for Easter.  Why not represent this exciting past time with your float?  Start by hanging green grass vinyl fringe on the sides of your float and covering the top with tissue grass mats.  Add one or two 8 foot balloon trees.  The Forest Background Illustration will be a perfect back drop for your parade float.  Add some balloons and flowers for extra hiding places and dimension.  The Easter Egg Cut Outs will be perfect.  Place them sporadically around on the float.  Ask the children from your group to pretend to search for them.

A Visit With the Easter Bunny

Seeing the Easter Bunny is a highlight in every Easter Parade.  Your organization will definitely earn attention with this float.  Start out by making a really fun base for your float.  The Custom Trailer Decorating Kit would be a great way to easily make your float outshine the rest!  The Easter Bunny will need somewhere to sit and the Easter Egg Standee Set is a great way to camouflage a barstool or similar chair.  Make sure the Easter Bunny and all his helpers have plenty of candy to give to parade goers.  Take advantage of the popular nature of your float and let everyone know about your group with the Easter Lillies Personalized Banner.

Easter Basket Float 

An Easter Basket is a source of joy for children all over the world on Easter morning.  Have several children from your organization decorate laundry baskets like Easter baskets.   Fill the baskets with eggs and candy.  The children can throw candy from their baskets to those who are watching the parade.   The kids on the float can even dress up like cute little bunnies themselves.  Retro flowers would make a great addition to this float as well as the Easter Egg Standee Set.  The final touch will be to include a personalized Easter Basket Standee to advertise your organization.

easter basket standee

Easter Wonderland

Create a magical Easter Wonderland.  Use gossamer to create a whimsical floor covering for your float.  Use Holographic Ice Curtains to add depth to the scene. Place several elegant tissue butterflies around the float.  Have an Easter Princess and her little bunny helpers pass out candy to passerby.

Start an Easter parade tradition in your community this year and then send us your pictures!


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Easter Parade Ideas

Posted by paradefloats on February 27, 2011

Spring will be here before we know it! Kids are already looking forward to spring break. Easter is a special time of year that reminds us that nature is in the process of renewal. Celebrate Easter and the coming of spring with a parade. Not sure how to make an Easter parade float? Check out these helpful Easter parade ideas:

Start by wrapping the edge of the trailer with holographic metallic fringe to create a festive look. Edge the trailer with a tissue garland in a bright Spring color. Then line the trailer floor with green floral sheeting to replicate the look and feel of new Spring grass. Add a colorful Easter banner to the sides of the float.

The black metal garden gate is a lovely focal point for your float and makes an inviting atmosphere for your Easter themed float. Add an elegant blue tissue daisy to each side of the gate for a special accent. Tissue daisies also come in pink, yellow, and green. Flowers are popping up everywhere! Decorate your float with these happy yellow and white giant daisies. Bouquets of Easter egg mylar balloons are a nice touch too! Use pastel colored latex balloons to create the look of giant Easter eggs and place them all over the float.

Recruit an Easter bunny in costume to hop around and wave to the kids. If an adult is not available, recruit a child to dress in a cute bunny costume.

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