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Halloween Festival Parade Floats

Posted by paradefloats on September 4, 2012

All summer long the streets were filled with parades- some were patriotic, others showcased marching bands. Some were festival-specific with beach themes, sports themes, and for one small town in Indiana, even a pickle parade was had. But come October, it’s time for the Halloween festival parades. These floats are like no other and if done right, can be even more exciting than any float people saw over the summer.

Check out these ideas for Halloween festival parade floats that will be unforgettable:

Zombie Float

First, line the bottom of your float with black metallic fringe. If it’s possible to have a background, either paint a graveyard scene or purchase a graveyard silhouette to be the backdrop of your zombie float. Use a combination of zombie silhouettes and people dressed as zombies. All your participants need to do is wear some old clothes they won’t need again, tear them up, and wear zombie makeup. In order to really set the zombie mood, a fog machine is going to be an essential piece of a zombie float. Keep the mood going with either spooky Halloween sounds or even the most famous zombie anthem of all time- Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.”

Wicked Witches

A float coming down the street filled with witches will be sure to cause a scene! Have participants paint their faces green like the iconic Wicked Witch of the West from the Wizard of Oz, wear all black and of course, a tall, black, witch hat. Be sure each witch has the proper transportation- a broom! While some witches should walk beside the float, have some on the float stirring a “witches brew” in a cauldron of some sort. For a background, use black vinyl floral sheeting to simulate a night sky behind your flying witches.

Joyful Jack-o-Lanterns

Your float doesn’t have to be spooky to be memorable. Use real and fake pumpkins for this fun float, and use jack-o-lanterns of all sizes! To get people involved in the jack-o-lantern fun, have them paint their faces orange and draw on pumpkin faces. Or, have them dress fully as smiling pumpkins by wearing green hats, green pants, and a stuffed orange trash bag as a top! Your float might not scare people, but it will bring about a lot of laughs, which is also a big part of Halloween.

A Night at the Movies

Think of the scariest movie you have ever seen, and turn it into a parade float! For example, does Pennywise the clown from Stephen King’s It send chills up your spine? Then it probably does the same for many others. Have your participants dress up as scary clowns, and line your float with lots and lots of balloons– Pennywise’s favorite things! There are lots of other scary movies to consider: Children of the Corn, Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street, Scream, The Exorcist. If you wish, have everyone dress up as their own favorite scary movie character. Seeing Jason, Michael, Freddy Kruger and other scary movie villains coming down the street on a float is sure to cause a commotion!


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Halloween Parade Float Ideas

Posted by paradefloats on October 1, 2011

Every Halloween parade includes children in cute costumes, but reach deep down beyond the usual Halloween parade to a more elaborate themed parade. Keep in mind the audience of the parade when you decide on the level of frightful or friendly themes for your parade float.

First decorate the base of the trailer with black metallic fringe all the way around. Attach Halloween garland that accents the theme of your float on top of the black fringe. Select grass flooring from the many parade float materials available. Tissue grass mats and parade float grass mats are good choices depending on how many ghosts, ghouls, and goblins are walking around on your float.

Graveyard Parade Float Ideas
Use strings of skeletons as the garland on top of the fringe around the trailer. Select a graveyard entrance way from the multitude of spooky Halloween props. The graveyard entrance is a creepy looking old stone arch with lanterns printed on the sides. The spooktacular cemetery arch features two stone columns with plastic lamp posts that light up. To add authenticity to your graveyard parade float, use one of the graveyard fencing options: graveyard fence, silver skull fence, skeleton arm lawn stakes, or the skull fence multi-pack. Essential decorations for this theme are a variety of tombstones, the 3D creepy coffin, and a few spooky 3D tree standees. Increase the fright and mystery on your float with a fog machine.

Horror Movie Parade Float Ideas
Enhance the black metallic fringe on the trailer with the bloody weapon garland over the fringe. Use the eerie haunted house standee as a backdrop for this float. Add as many zombies, vampires, and gory creatures as possible. Spider webs, big hairy spiders, bats, and rats are a must for this horror float theme. Posting a bloody, tattered enter at your own risk banner and the spooky misting cauldron are also chilling touches. Be sure to place horrific characters on your float, check out the frightening Halloween costumes available.

The Great Pumpkin (Jack-O-Lantern) Parade Float Ideas
Opt for a brighter orange or purple colored metallic fringe in place of black fringe around the base of the trailer, and then add the fall leaves jumbo wire garland as an accent. Set up an adorable and delicious candy corn arch to bring height and depth to the float. Use the Jack O’Lantern lighted corex standee as the focal point of the great pumpkin parade float. Another fun pumpkin decoration is the stack ‘o jack-o-lanterns, however, keep in mind that this decoration must be attached to a support stand. Use the giant cornstalk decorations, a bunch of large straw bales, and real pumpkins in a variety of sizes to fill in your float decor.

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More Parade Float Slogan Ideas

Posted by paradefloats on July 7, 2010

Once you’ve chosen (or been given) a parade float theme, it’s time to select a slogan to fit that theme. You’ll want to display the slogan with spelled-out pomps, styrofoam letters or vinyl banners.

Halloween Float Slogan Ideas
Here Lies the Bulldog
Cooking Up a Victory
Tiger Eyes Are Watching
A Web of Defeat
The Great “Cougar” Patch
All Bulldogs Don’t Go to Heaven
Scream for a Victory
Here Lies the Mustangs
Buffy the “Cardinal” Slayer
You’re Not in Kansas Anymore
Betwitch the Panthers
We’re Baaack!
Bury the Rams
Haunt the Eagles
Boo – You’re Dead!
Scare Up a Victory
Trick or Defeat!
Tigers Don’t Have a Ghost of a Chance!

Hollywood Float Slogan Ideas
Reel in the Tigers
Clap the Cougars
We Are the Stars!
Bears Are the Stars
Spotlight on the Bulldogs
And the Winner Is … Us
Sink the Lions – It Won’t Be a Titanic Loss
Box Office Blowout
Directing Our Way to Victory
Now Starring … the Lions
Roll Out the Red Carpet for the Mustangs

Space Float Slogan Ideas
One Small Step for Man … One Giant Step for the Eagles
The Cougars Are Lost in Space
The Universe Is Ours
4, 3, 2, 1 … Win!
Launch the Tigers
Blast ‘Em!
We’re Outta This Universe
Throw ‘Em In the Black Hole
Out of This World
Mission to a Victory
Put ‘Em Into Orbit

Fairy Tale Float Slogan Ideas
Throw the Knights in the Dungeon
Rack ‘Em
Stretch ‘Em
Cast a Spell on the Chargers
Throw the Dogs in the Moat
The Sky Is the Limit
Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, the Cougars Are Gonna Win ‘Em All!
A Dream for a Wildcat
The Clock Strikes Midnight – Goodnight Mustangs!
Happily Ever After a Cougar Victory

Homecoming Theme Slogans
Bring It On
Get your Game on
Blast from the Past
Mission: Impossible
Raisin’ the Roof
Phantom Menace
Who Let the Dogs Out
Crunch Time
Rules of Engagement
Remember the Titans
Take ‘Em by Storm
Taking Out the Trash

In addition to checking out our line of parade float decorations, be sure to shop by theme party for great props, too!

The original Parade Float Slogan Ideas

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