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Create a New Year’s Day Parade Float

Posted by paradefloats on December 1, 2011

New Year’s Day is a day filled with excitement and anticipation as people gather with friends, family, and as a community to celebrate the upcoming year. Ring in the New Year with a unique parade float design, a quality selection of parade float supplies, and a fantastic, dedicated crew of float decorators this year. Get started creating a dramatic scene for your New Year’s Day parade float with the following original ideas:

Stars on Broadway Float
Parade float supplies are just the ticket for decorating the bottom of a float trailer. Use a snazzy black with silver stars metallic fringe for a glitzy effect around the entire trailer. Trim the top edge of the fringe with metallic holographic twistees garland. Add to the color palate by attaching your choice of brightly colored floral sheeting onto the floor of the float.

Raise the focal point of your float by placing a pair of stars on Broadway debut entrance pieces at one end of the float. For more height, add a pair of stars on Broadway columns to the décor. Attach a big, bold Broadway sign in between the columns to increase the dramatic flair and enhance the ambiance of the float.

Recruit several float participants to ride along on the parade route as Broadway stars and dress them up in fancy costumes complete with feathered boas and top hats. To give the crowd a thrill and fill in unoccupied spaces, choose a few Hollywood standees to set up that boost the Broadway star theme of your float.

Ski Lodge Float
Turn your New Year’s Day float into a ski lodge retreat by blasting your float with a multitude of cool winter decorations. Start decorating your float by attaching blue and white fringe around the base of the trailer for a wintry look. Next, cover the floor of the trailer with shimmering white floral sheeting, which gives it a snowy effect. Then position a whimsical ski lodge arch at one end of the float with groupings of snowy pine tree standees creating a pathway down the float. Another attractive winter decoration is the winter luminescent column, embellished with a snowflake Mylar balloon, and silver cracked ice streamers. Standing snowflakes with iridescent glitter make great fillers for added decorations. A park bench or seating area is also a great idea to include on the float.

Enlist fun and lively friends and family to dress up as avid winter sport enthusiasts equipped with skis, snowboards, and snowshoes. On the opposite end of the float include a happy snowman standee to join a group of kids having a snowball fight. Use several Styrofoam balls as the snowball props. Have everyone dress in winter apparel, including hats, scarves, boots, and winter coats.


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