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Amazing Holiday Pageant Parade Floats

Posted by paradefloats on November 1, 2011

Take the message of Christmas to the streets this holiday season aboard a float! Design an amazing holiday pageant parade float. Whether you want to make a simple float idea come to life, or you want to achieve a more elaborate vision, the possibilities are limitless. Retell the story of the nativity and the events surrounding the birth of Christ in a fresh and exciting way. Opt to create one individual pageant scene or tell the whole story with multiple scenes on one float, the choice is up to you.

Parade Materials
Cover the edge of the trailer with gold metallic fringe. Add a nativity scene personalized banner on top of the fringe on each side. Create a sandy, dirt flooring look by using parade float materials such as gold metallic floral sheeting or gold/silver mottled gossamer.

Nativity Scene
For a simple 2 dimensional look, position the nativity scene standee kit on the float and add large straw bales for a more natural scene. For a more realistic feel, use real people dressed in biblical costumes and children dressed in animal costumes, in lieu of live animals. Build a stable scene using plywood covered with woodgrain patterned paper, and hay or straw for the roof. Back in that day and age most mangers were made out of stone. Build a manger box, then cover it with flagstone patterned gossamer to bring a more realistic setting to your float.

Hillside Encounter
Start by attaching green grass colored fringe around the entire edge of the trailer. Replicate the scene of the angelic encounter with the shepherds on a hillside watching their flocks. Elevate part of the scene to create a hillside environment, then cover the flooring and the hill with grass mats and scatter grass. Situate groupings of sheep standees and shepherds all over the float. Dress up the shepherds with costumes and shepherds hooks. Adorn the angel(s) with angel wings & halo or a complete heaven’s angel costume. Place the angel underneath the lighted star cutout arch for a more celestial ambiance. Use lots of star décor to help set the stage for this glorious scene.

Journey of the Wisemen
Use gold metallic fringe as a skirt around the trailer. Dress up the Wisemen with long beards and rich looking robes. Endeavor to position the camel standees near the Wisemen, as if they were just riding on them for a long journey. Decorate fancy boxes for the Wisemen to carry their gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh to the new baby King. Fill a gold star mylar balloon with helium to float above the Wisemen to represent the North star that they followed to deliver their gifts and worship the Christ child. Create a rural scene with grass, straw bales, and lots of rocks.


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