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How Not to Build a Losing, College Parade Float

Posted by paradefloats on August 1, 2013

It could be the Homecoming parade, a city-wide Halloween parade, or even a summer parade that’s showcasing local businesses, including colleges. Whatever the occasion, you surely don’t want to build a losing college parade float.  Wow the crowd and make the parade watchers so excited about your school that they’ll stand up and cheer!

Start with a Theme and a BannerSpiritline
Maybe your float will simply be a celebration of your school, or perhaps you’ll want to focus on one particular group or sport, or even do something way out of the ordinary like an island or vampire theme. Feel free to get creative! Then, present the school’s name and theme of the float on a personalized banner. That way people can really see you coming and eagerly await to see what your float is all about.

It’s All About Color
One way people will recognize you coming down the street is by your school colors. Deck your float out with floral sheeting and fringe in the school colors. After all, you’re proud of your school, so show it by splattering those colors all over your parade float. Make sure everyone participating in the float is dressed in school colors as well. If you’re going with a traditional school spirit theme, have them wear temporary tattoos and carry fan poms to create a crazy spirit-filled atmosphere.

Create a Focal Point
Color and spirit aren’t enough to keep you from creating a losing college parade float. You’ll need a focal point, something that will catch everyone’s eyes and make them say, “Wow!” Maybe it’s a giant football that will attract everyone’s attention, or a big head cutout of the dean. Perhaps it will be your school mascot disco dancing on the float. Whatever it is, make sure it will either impress people or make them laugh.

Don’t Forget About Sound
The most obvious way to create sound for your float is by using the school’s marching band. If that won’t work, or the school doesn’t have one, blast some music from the truck pulling the float. The music can go with your theme, or you can play the school song on repeat. You might also want to alternate playing the school song with some chants from the school cheerleaders.

10szcdytrrGive them Something to Remember
Depending on the reason for your float, you’ll want to hand out something to parade watchers. Create cards for the event with the school’s web address and phone number and hand out to people watching the parade. Of course it wouldn’t hurt to hand out some candy as well. There’s no way your float will be a losing one if you’re handing out goodies to the crowd!

Get the Crowd Involved and They’ll Never Forget You
Whatever you do, get the crowd involved. There’s nothing worse than a parade float with no interaction from the viewers. Get them cheering, clapping, grabbing for candy, anything! Make them feel a part of  your college parade float, and there’s no way anyone will think it’s a losing one.


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Parade Float Slogans for Mascots: P-Y

Posted by paradefloats on August 4, 2010

If you’re planning a float for Homecoming or other Spirit Parade before a big game, we’re glad you’re here! The following is our third offering of parade float slogan ideas for mascot-themed floats. Looking up slogans alphabetically by mascot, you can also find parade float slogans for team mascots: ABCs and parade float slogans for team mascots: D-O here.

In all, that’s over 300 slogan ideas presented. Look for similarly bountiful selections of mascots and mascot accessories, as well as parade float supplies at!


Pelt the Panthers
Pain the Panthers
Pickle the Panthers
Paddle the Panthers
Pound the Panthers
Pink the Panthers
Make the Patriots Surrender
Pop the Patriots
Pickle the Patriots
It’s the End of the Line for the Pioneers
Plunder the Pirates
Plank the Pirates
Deck the Pirates
Sink the Pirates
Deep Six the Pirates


Rout the Rabbits
Ransack the Raiders
Run Off the Raiders
Run Down the Raiders
Repulse the Raiders
Maybe Later, Raiders
Cram the Rams
Rumble the Rams
Ravage the Rams
Rams Make Good Trophies
Hang Up the Rangers
Shake the Rattlers
Hog-Tie the Razorbacks
Rag the Rebels
Collar the Rebels
Reform the Red Devils
Railroad the Red Devils
Repel the Redskins
Rock the Rockets
Rough up the Rough Riders


Sack the Saints
Shame the Saints
Scorch the Scorpions
Shock the Scots
Smoke the Seminoles
Sucker the Sharks
Squish the Skeeters
Subdue the Spartans
Shred the Spartans
Spank the Spartans
Stall the Stallions
Stifle the Steelers


Cage the T-Birds
Terminate the Tigers
Deflate the Texans
Turn Under the Thunderbirds
Tag the Tigers
Rip the Claws from the Tiger’s Paws
Top the Tigers
Trample the Tigers
Tucker the Tigers
Thrash the Tigers
Tame the Tigers
Tigers Make easy Game
Drub the Tiger Cubs
Make the Tornadoes take Cover
Tame the Tornadoes
Tie Up the Trojans
Trash the Trojans
Trojans make easy Targets
Tar the Trojans
Truck on the Trojans
Trample the Trojans


Vex the Vikings
Victimize the Vikings
Capsize the Vikings


Waylay the Warriors
Wad up the Warriors
Warp the Warriors
Wash Up the Waves
Eliminate the Wild Cats
Scat the Wild Cats
Scratch the Wild Cats
Rope the Wild Cats
Wallop the Wild Cats
Whip the Wild Cats
Bury the Wolverines
Winch the Wolves
Wobble the Wolves
Make ‘Em Cry Wolf
Sack the Wolf Pack


Make the Yellow Jackets Yell
Smash the Yellow Jackets
Exterminate the Yellow Jackets
Swat the Yellow Jackets

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Parade Float Slogans for Team Mascots: D-O

Posted by paradefloats on July 28, 2010

Continuing the project we began last week to bring you slogans for mascot-themed parade floats, today we bring you close to 100 more, brought to you by the letters D-O. Look up slogans alphabetically by mascot name.

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Devastate the Demons
Divert the Devils
Disrupt the Devils
Cool the Devils
Dip the dogs
Waterlog the Dolphins
Filet the Dolphins
Drag the Dragons
Drench the Dragons
Depress the Ducks


Eliminate the Eagles
Up End the Eagles
Exterminate the Eagles
Entrap the Eagles
Egg the Eagles
Make the Eagles Sore
Let’s have an Elk hunt
Pluck the Eagles


Perch the Falcons
Fling the Falcons
Flush the Falcons
Fence in the Farmers
Frustrate the Foxes


Swamp the Gators
Grind the Gators
Discipline the Generals
Exhaust the Greyhounds
Muzzle the Greyhounds
Bottle Up the Green Wave


Chickenize the Hawks
Handicap the Hawks
Humble the Highlanders
Hamper the Highlanders
Stun the Hornets
Halt the Hornets
Swat the Hornets
Put the Hurt on the Hornets
Send the Hounds back to the Dog House
Saddle up the Horses
Blow Out the Hurricanes
Leash the Huskies
Harness the Huskies


Ignite the Indians
Eject the Indians
Disband the Indians
Intercept the Indians
Teepee the Indians
Ice the Indians
Scalp the Indians
Impede the Irish
Melt the Ironmen


Daze the Jack Rabbits
Jar the Jackets
Zip up the Jackets
Spray the Jackets
Jump the Jaguars
Send the Jags packing


Nuke the Knights
Can the Knights
Scrap the Knights
Kidnap the Knights
Daze the Knights
Put out the Knights’ Lights


Lash the Lancers
Level the Leopards
Launch the Leopards
Maul the Lions
Stop the Lions in their Tracks
De-mane the Lions
Lock up the Lions
Look Down on the Lions
Label the Lions
Lambaste the Lions
Loop the Longhorns
Stump the Lumberjacks


Fry the Marlins
Master the Matadors
Mangle the Mavericks
Blast the Miners
Maul the Minutemen
Mug the Mounties
Round up the Mustangs
Muzzle the Mustangs
Lather the Mustangs
Lasso the Mustangs
Boot the Mustangs
Brand the Mustangs


Cap Off the Oilers
Obstruct the Oilers
Beat the Stuffin’ out of the Owls
Cage the Owls

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