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Halloween Festival Parade Floats

Posted by paradefloats on September 4, 2012

All summer long the streets were filled with parades- some were patriotic, others showcased marching bands. Some were festival-specific with beach themes, sports themes, and for one small town in Indiana, even a pickle parade was had. But come October, it’s time for the Halloween festival parades. These floats are like no other and if done right, can be even more exciting than any float people saw over the summer.

Check out these ideas for Halloween festival parade floats that will be unforgettable:

Zombie Float

First, line the bottom of your float with black metallic fringe. If it’s possible to have a background, either paint a graveyard scene or purchase a graveyard silhouette to be the backdrop of your zombie float. Use a combination of zombie silhouettes and people dressed as zombies. All your participants need to do is wear some old clothes they won’t need again, tear them up, and wear zombie makeup. In order to really set the zombie mood, a fog machine is going to be an essential piece of a zombie float. Keep the mood going with either spooky Halloween sounds or even the most famous zombie anthem of all time- Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.”

Wicked Witches

A float coming down the street filled with witches will be sure to cause a scene! Have participants paint their faces green like the iconic Wicked Witch of the West from the Wizard of Oz, wear all black and of course, a tall, black, witch hat. Be sure each witch has the proper transportation- a broom! While some witches should walk beside the float, have some on the float stirring a “witches brew” in a cauldron of some sort. For a background, use black vinyl floral sheeting to simulate a night sky behind your flying witches.

Joyful Jack-o-Lanterns

Your float doesn’t have to be spooky to be memorable. Use real and fake pumpkins for this fun float, and use jack-o-lanterns of all sizes! To get people involved in the jack-o-lantern fun, have them paint their faces orange and draw on pumpkin faces. Or, have them dress fully as smiling pumpkins by wearing green hats, green pants, and a stuffed orange trash bag as a top! Your float might not scare people, but it will bring about a lot of laughs, which is also a big part of Halloween.

A Night at the Movies

Think of the scariest movie you have ever seen, and turn it into a parade float! For example, does Pennywise the clown from Stephen King’s It send chills up your spine? Then it probably does the same for many others. Have your participants dress up as scary clowns, and line your float with lots and lots of balloons– Pennywise’s favorite things! There are lots of other scary movies to consider: Children of the Corn, Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street, Scream, The Exorcist. If you wish, have everyone dress up as their own favorite scary movie character. Seeing Jason, Michael, Freddy Kruger and other scary movie villains coming down the street on a float is sure to cause a commotion!


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Night Time Parade Float Ideas

Posted by paradefloats on April 2, 2011

Night time parade floats are mesmerizing! There are so many cool ways to use color, lights, and music to design a fantastic, magical float. Choose a float theme that lends itself well to bright and flashy! Some suggested themes are carnival, casino night, Parisian, patriotic, or stars themes.

Powering the lights
You will need to plug an AC inverter into your cigarette lighter, or an AC adapter into your truck. This enables the truck battery and engine power to be converted to AC for powering the lights. Use an extension cord and plug it into the AC inverter. Then run the cord through the back or side window of the pickup. Plug in a power strip so that you can plug in several strings of lights. It is a good idea to check the light wattage to make sure not to exceed the maximum output.

Trailer Decoration
Start your trailer decorations with vinyl metallic fringe to wrap around the base of the float. There are 10 bright colors of fringe to choose from. Then string either clear twinkle lights or colored string lights around the edge of the float.

Lighted Decorations

Radiant LED balloon lights are a really cool must have for a nighttime parade float. They are easy to use; just activate the LED, insert the light, and inflate the balloon. The lights will stay lit approximately 4 hours and the batteries are replaceable. Other bold and illuminated decoration ideas include the following:
• Lamp Posts
• Illuminated Eiffel Tower
• City of Lights Paris Kit
• Lighted Dice Columns
• Luminescent Circle Arch
• Patriotic Starry Night Arch
• Wire Lighted Stars

Metallic, Reflective, and Shiny Float Decorations
Putting metallic floral sheeting, vinyl metallic twistees, metallic fringe garland, metallic poms, and festooning metallic will help make your float reflective and shiny.

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Red Cross Parade Float

Posted by paradefloats on March 7, 2011

Red Cross Parade Float

In the wake of floods, fires, earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, and any other natural disaster, the American Red Cross provides critical emergency assistance, disaster relief, and education. This vital humanitarian organization also keeps a community focus by participating in local events such as the American Red Cross Lee County Chapter in Fort Myers, Florida which is an annual participant in the exciting Edison Festival of Lights parade. This grand nighttime parade draws an estimated 200,000 people out to take in the creative design and twinkling glow of all of parade floats rolling down the street.

According to NBC News, the Red Cross float was decorated by volunteers clocking in 600 hours of assembly time, and about 18,000 lights to display their presence in the community not just on the parade night, but 365 days a year.

In addition to thousands of twinkle lights, the volunteers also attached shiny red and white floral sheeting, twistees garland, and Styrofoam letters to decorate this amazing float for crowds of parade watchers to enjoy.

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