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Bedazzle Your Horse Drawn Carriage

Posted by paradefloats on June 19, 2012

Horse-drawn carriages are beautiful on their own- a stunning mode of transportation led by beautiful creatures. But when a carriage is in a parade, it’s got to be something more. It should stand out, it should sparkle, it should be unforgettable, and it should dazzle!


One of the most obvious ways to bedazzle your carriage is to add fringe. There are lots of different types of fringe. One type is tissue fringe. Use multiple colors of fringe for an out-of-this-world color display! If tissue paper won’t do it for you, fringe also comes in vinyl and metallic, which can add some serious shine to your carriage.


Streamers have come a long way since the days of matte, thin, tissue-paper streamers. Now they are available in a ton of colors and with a metallic finish. Wrap metallic streamers all around your carriage. Consider alternating colors and weave the streamers between the spokes of the wheels.

Send a Message

What better way to make a statement than… with a statement?! Use paper letters to write something on the side or back of your carriage. It could be the name of your organization, the theme of the parade, or maybe even a quote. If your message is long and you don’t want to take the time to place each individual letter, you might want to personalize a banner. Personalized banners can be as fancy as you like!

Light it Up

If your parade is in the evening or at night, string lights are a quick and easy way to bedazzle your horse-drawn carriage. Put lights all around the carriage with battery-operated clear lights. Clear lights will add sparkle but are also elegant and classy.


Don’t just use any balloons, but use Mylar Balloons to add bling to your carriage. Filled with helium, these shiny, metallic balloons can spruce up the dullest of carriages. The more you use, the more your carriage will stand out. Attach balloons to the carriage top, sides, and off the back.

Whatever you use to bedazzle your horse-drawn carriage, make it flashy and memorable. Use a lot of color for traditional parades, but stick to neutrals for classier parade events.


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