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Themes for School’s Out Parade Floats

Posted by paradefloats on May 1, 2013

Whether it’s the teachers or the students, everyone who has spent the fall, winter and spring at school is Paradeready for a break when summer hits. One super fun idea for celebrating the arrival of summer is a School’s Out Parade. Have different school clubs and even sports teams come up with their own floats for a crazy celebration of the end of the school year!

Here are some of our favorite, creative ideas for themes for School’s Out Parade Floats:

School Spirit Float

School may be out, but that doesn’t mean students and staff will abandon their spirit for their school. A school spirit float should be decked out in the school colors and embody the great spirit everyone has for their school. The Custom Trailer Decorating Kit is the perfect way to get started with this idea. This float should also have a personalized banner announcing the name of the club or group that is sponsoring the float. Of course, any great parade float is accompanied by people passing out candy. Have everyone involved in this float wear their favorite spirit attire and pass out candy to parade watchers along the road.

Senior Stars 

Seniors are clearly the stars of the parade, as it will mark their final event before graduation. If your 7h136csenior class has its own colors, decorate the float in those, or use the school colors. Depending on the size of the Senior class, consider writing each Senior’s name on a star, that way everyone is involved! Don’t forget the star banner, announcing the Senior class as the official “stars” of the parade.


The legendary city of Atlantis can be the most legendary float in the parade. Decorate your float in beautiful underwater colors like blue and turquoise. And don’t forget Atlantis staples like seahorses and chariots. Have members of the club or team dress up like their favorite sea creatures and have them blow bubbles so parade watchers will get the full underwater feel of Atlantis.

8v035vMusic Mania

It could be the marching band, jazz band, choir, or those who participated in the musical. Music is everywhere at school, and a music mania float is simple and fun to do. Go with a black-and-white theme but add an exciting accent color like red or hot pink. Decorate your float with music note balloons and your accent color. If students don’t want to play their actual instruments, play some rock ‘n’ roll music and have participants jam out on their inflatable instruments. Everyone loves music, and a music float is sure to bring smiles to parade watchers.

Step Back in Time

Even in the 1920’s students were excited for school to let out for the summer, and with the upcoming movie release of The Great Gatsby, a Roaring 20’s themed float will definitely impress the student body. Have participants in this float wear their favorite flapper outfits and 20’s gangster clothes. Decorate the float in your favorite bright colors, and then place silhouettes of dancing couples from the 20’s in front. Be sure and have your favorite jazz music playing so the float will really come to life.

The right costumes, decorations and music can make any float spectacular for an end-of-the-year parade at school. What are some favorite “School’s Out” parade floats you’ve seen?


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Zumba on Your Fiesta-Themed Parade Float

Posted by paradefloats on April 1, 2013

Some things are too good not to share. Celebrations of Latin American cultures, such as Cinco de Mayo, have grown through the years into traditional community-wide festivals in cities of all sizes.

Zumba is also too good not to share. Promoting a diverse collection of Latin music styles along with fitness, fun and charitable giving, Zumba’s popularity shows no sign of waning.

It’s an inevitable match.

So let’s talk about your float decorations. What you want to think about first are bright colors or even the proverbial “riot” of colors to generate visual energy.

You may well ask if you’ll find the colors you need in basic parade float materials and the answer is yes. Fringe and festooning comes in all your primary colors and with choices of vinyl and metallic versions. Floral sheeting, usually the first choice for covering decks and decorations, gives you even more color options including unusual hues such as hot pink and teal.

The next step is to pick out large props and decorations. How about signage? There are at least four ways to identify your group or slogan in a decorative way, and you’ll want to choose based on budget, time, number of volunteers, re-usability and other factors. They are: pomps, fiesta banners, posters and personalized props.

The Fiesta Arch, shown above at right, is a lovely example of a prop in bright colors that can carry a message. Printed on both sides, you won’t have to worry about orienting it just so on the float; and with a height of nine feet, everyone will see the text. While it may require anchoring and some internal bracing, this made-to-order piece is a big, beautiful time-saver over building from scratch.

Pull motifs from your arch to complete the presentation. Mylar balloons in the shape of musical notes, maracas props and wearable sombreros from the Fiesta store are examples of additional decorations that will help pull the look together.

From there, it’s time to add sound and movement to your visual feast. Will your Zumba team actually dance on the float? It could be that building and using stanchions will meet safety regulations, or that the dancers will perform alongside the float and leave the riders to something tamer. If you haven’t already, check with the parade authority as soon as possible and plan accordingly.

Will you be building a parade float for Cinco de Mayo or other Latin American festival coming up soon? Let us know in comments!

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Five Ideas for Your Easter Parade Float

Posted by paradefloats on March 1, 2013

He is Risen

A great way to celebrate Easter and spread your message to the community is by participating in a parade.  Start out by covering your float with white pomps tissue squares.  Use the pomps to create a very serene cloud.  Add several white pearl balloons to the float.  Tie them at different heights with white or clear string.  Have members from your church’s children’s choir dress in white and sing Easter hymns as they travel through the streets.  While walking along side of the float, choir members can carefully give out Religious Cross Party Mints to onlookers.  Children will be especially excited to receive a special treat on Easter Sunday.  The Rejoice Personalized Banner will be a great addition to spread the word about your ministry and service times.

rejoicepersonalized banner

The Easter Egg Hunt

Easter Egg Hunts are one of the most popular activities for Easter.  Why not represent this exciting past time with your float?  Start by hanging green grass vinyl fringe on the sides of your float and covering the top with tissue grass mats.  Add one or two 8 foot balloon trees.  The Forest Background Illustration will be a perfect back drop for your parade float.  Add some balloons and flowers for extra hiding places and dimension.  The Easter Egg Cut Outs will be perfect.  Place them sporadically around on the float.  Ask the children from your group to pretend to search for them.

A Visit With the Easter Bunny

Seeing the Easter Bunny is a highlight in every Easter Parade.  Your organization will definitely earn attention with this float.  Start out by making a really fun base for your float.  The Custom Trailer Decorating Kit would be a great way to easily make your float outshine the rest!  The Easter Bunny will need somewhere to sit and the Easter Egg Standee Set is a great way to camouflage a barstool or similar chair.  Make sure the Easter Bunny and all his helpers have plenty of candy to give to parade goers.  Take advantage of the popular nature of your float and let everyone know about your group with the Easter Lillies Personalized Banner.

Easter Basket Float 

An Easter Basket is a source of joy for children all over the world on Easter morning.  Have several children from your organization decorate laundry baskets like Easter baskets.   Fill the baskets with eggs and candy.  The children can throw candy from their baskets to those who are watching the parade.   The kids on the float can even dress up like cute little bunnies themselves.  Retro flowers would make a great addition to this float as well as the Easter Egg Standee Set.  The final touch will be to include a personalized Easter Basket Standee to advertise your organization.

easter basket standee

Easter Wonderland

Create a magical Easter Wonderland.  Use gossamer to create a whimsical floor covering for your float.  Use Holographic Ice Curtains to add depth to the scene. Place several elegant tissue butterflies around the float.  Have an Easter Princess and her little bunny helpers pass out candy to passerby.

Start an Easter parade tradition in your community this year and then send us your pictures!

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