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Luau Party on Your Island Float

Posted by paradefloats on June 26, 2012

If you can’t bring the parade to the islands, bring the islands to your parade! A luau party on your island float is a fun and exciting way to spend time in a parade. Not only will those involved in the float have a blast, but it should easily bring a smile to those watching the parade. After all, who doesn’t love a good luau?

Palm Trees

A luau party on your island float just isn’t possible without some great palm trees. Palm trees can be displayed on your float in a variety of ways. There are lots of different types of fake palm trees: plastic, inflatable, cardboard, and even paper. No matter what type you use on your float, palm trees are a must.

“Lei” Down the Law

Make it mandatory for your float participants to wear leis. A luau without leis is unheard of. You may even want to consider involving parade watchers and passing out leis. There are so many different types of leis. Some are plastic-feeling in a single color, while others are much more colorful and have more realistic-looking flowers.

Dress the Part

Luaus are all about the costumes. Besides wearing leis, make sure your participants are decked out in tropical costumes. For the men, Hawaiian shirts are a must. They should also wear shorts and sandals or deck shoes. For the ladies, grass skirts are a good idea with some sort of tank top. If appropriate, coconut tops are a good addition as well.

Water Works

Since it would be rather difficult to have actual water on your float, you will have to create it some other way. One way to do this would be by surrounding the bottom of your float with blue and white fringe. The metallic material moves easily and can provide a water-look for the bottom of your float. If you want to create the illusion of water on your actual float, use some blue floral sheeting on the footing of your float or on a background.

The Sounds of the Tropics

Finally, make sure you have some music playing for the luau party on your island float. Consider playing some reggae music or something fun and tropical like Jimmy Buffett. The sounds of steel drums will definitely bring your luau party to life!

Remember that luaus can be a blast, and a tropical float is sure to bring smiles to the faces of parade watchers.


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Shop by Theme to Discover Great Summer Parade Float Props & Costumes

Posted by paradefloats on May 26, 2010

The right props and costumes will contribute to a parade float that is “oooh and ahhh”-worthy. Besides providing basic parade float do-it-yourself materials, look to ShindigZ Party to supply just the right finishing touches to dozens of the hottest summer parade themes.

For the red, white and blue themes that accompany the 4th of July season, look for patriotic decorations in materials such as vinyl, corex, and fabrics that will stand up to outdoor use and make great props. Coordinate with star-patterned poly vinyl and embellish with bunting, streamers, flags and stars. Finish with USA tee shirts and Spirit of America party apparel.

Nautical themes call for fish nets and plastic life preservers, anchors and captain’s wheels.

Complete a 1950s theme with parade float riders wearing our adorable poodle skirts and scarves and cat’s-eye glasses.

If your plans are for “luau,” “surfin’ safari” and other beach-related and tropical themes we’ve got plenty of great materials for building props, such as raffia, scene-setter vinyl rolls, even palm leaf thatching! Look also for ready-made props like surfboards and ukuleles, and wearables such as beachcomber hats and grass skirts.

Dress the straw bales or hitching post of a Western theme with barbed wire garland, plastic wagon wheels and steer skulls. We’ve got all the cowboy hats and bandannas you’ll need, too.

For more ideas on these parade float themes, or to find props and costumes for dozens of other themes, start on the theme party supplies page.

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Create a New Orleans Luau Theme Float

Posted by paradefloats on August 7, 2009

Hawaiian-LeisChoosing one theme for your parade float can be tough. Plus, you may have one idea, but the parade theme committee has another. Sometimes combining a couple themes can create a really fun finished product. Here are some tips to create a New Orleans Luau themed parade float.

This float is designed to be built on an 8’ x 16’ farm wagon with the back removed. A similar size trailer, used to move small construction equipment, might be borrowed from a local construction company. The float also might be built on the back of a flat bed truck.

A light wooden frame, made of #2 1 x 3 pine surrounds the wagon. The frame extends from the top of the wagon bed to 15” from the ground. You can find wood for the frame at your local lumberyard. A basic frame this size requires approximately 140’ of lumber.

Waterproof, flameproof Floral Sheeting is stapled to the frame. This size float requires 16 yards of Vinyl floral sheeting for the sides. Our Mardi Gras Floral Sheeting is a perfect fit. The floor requires another 15 yards of floral sheeting. To calculate how much floral sheeting you need for your float, measure the distance around in feet and divide by three to get the yardage. Floral sheeting is sold in square yards. Floral sheeting is made of a heavy plastic backing sheet with rows of sewn-on scalloped plastic flower petal shapes.

14” high metallic purple, green, or gold fringe is stapled to the bottom of the frame where the Floral Sheeting stops. Green tissue fringe is great for creating a luau grass skirt effect. Fringe is available in 10’ long packages. This size float requires five, 10’ packages of fringe.

Purple, green, or gold festooning outlines the sides of the float. Festooning is available in 48’ long rolls. This size float requires three, 48’ rolls of festooning. The floral sheeting, festooning and fringe are all made of the same plastic material (waterproof, fade-proof and flameproof) and reusable for another float at another time.

Styrofoam letters or numbers are 8” high and can be used to add your slogan to the side of the float. You can paint them with inexpensive interior latex paint or leave them white. Be sure to add another board, such as plywood, to your frame under the Floral Sheeting. Just use small nails to fasten the letters to the board. As an alternative, hot glue the letters to the floral sheeting.

Accent your float by placing Mardi Gras Balloon Pedestals on each corner of the float. The balloon columns are great for creating a border to your float and bring in the luau theme when you top them with palm tree mylar balloons from ShindigZ.

Add some purple mardi gras masks to your float for another great accent. The masks are made out of wire and floral sheeting. You can even make your own giant mardi gras mask out of chicken wire and tissue pomps and pomps paste. Or, make a Mardi Gras themed tiki mask. ShindigZ has tiki mask decorations and giant Mardi Gras masks too.

For a really fun Mardi Gras touch, have the people riding on your float wear Hawaiian leis in Mardi Gras colors. You can toss the inexpensive leis to the crowd for great crowd interaction!

Check out all of our parade float materials for more ideas and float decorating supplies! Tell us about your unique parade float themes too!

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